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This book is about property strategies for all who are interested in the business of real estate. Mindset around property investing and how you can achieve your goals with very little or no startup capital. This is a business that is driven by your passion and desire to achieve much in life, it is not a get-rich business. You will learn how to best invest you finance available to you and how best to use your time and calculate ROI.

Many of us start our day thinking it is just routine. we wake up, have breakfast, and then proceed to do the normal things that you would do for example, get ready for work, or get the children off to school, head to the gym. Whatever it may be. What we do not realize is that we can maximize our 24 hours by how we structure it. Take a step back and think of where you are now, what you want to achieve and how you would like to get there. Well, this little book will help your drive to accomplish that what you think you cannot achieve, it will highlight much of what you have not thought of and give you many practical helping tips on how to re-structure your day in alignment to achieving what you want from life. You can it all with very little effort, less than 10 mins a day.

Concourse Way,
Sheffield S1 2BJ
United Kingdom
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