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Top 10 Ways of Consoling a Friend in Need - theoliviajoseph

November 18, 2020by Olivia Joseph3


Top 10 Ways of Consoling a Friend in Need

It is 2:00 a.m. and your phone rings. You wake up wondering who could be calling at this time of the night. You hear the voice of one of your friends, upset and crying. What do you do?


Here are the top ten ways of consoling a friend in need:


  1. Patiently comfort them.

    Even though you would prefer to go back to sleep, stay up and listen to your friend. You probably will not even need to say much. Let your friend talk things out and cry if they need


  1. If your friend does not want to be alone, invite them to come over, or you could go to them.

    Your friend is in need; it is important to connect with them physically, if possible. While a telephone call will help, having you there with them is


  1. After they have had a good cry, offer to help them

    get through the first couple of days by doing the mundane things they might not think about. There’s laundry to do, food to cook, and many other daily tasks they probably are not thinking


  • Even if they have other people in their lives to help them, you can still offer. If they do not take you up on your offer, they will appreciate that you thought enough of them to want to


  1. Check in with them.

    Call them as often as appropriate to see if they need anything. This way they know they can depend on you and checking in often can comfort When things are uncertain, having someone they can count on can help make their life more normal.



  1. Gather some of your friend’s favorite things and make a gift basket.

    Fruit, candy, a deck of playing cards, a book they have wanted to read, a journal and pen are all great things to include in the basket. Tailor the basket to fit your friend’s personality.

Free Photo | Lateral view woman and man consoling sad patient

  1. Bring entertainment.

    Your friend may not feel like going out, so bring over a movie or two, some snacks, and their favorite drink

  • A funny movie will help them forget their problems, even if
  • Be sure to bring plenty of tissues, too, just to be on the safe


  1. Offer babysitting services 

    to give them an opportunity to do things they need to It will be much easier to leave their children with someone they know and trust rather than letting a stranger keep them.


  1. Keep a positive, non-condescending

    Avoid telling them I know how you feel or a similar statement. The truth is you may not actually know how they feel, but they need to know they can turn to you when they need you and that you will really be there.


Are they being abused?

If you suspect your friend is in an abusive relationship, look them in the eyes and say, I am here for you if you need me. Looking them in the eye will help give a sense of confidence that you mean what you say.

  • Help them, and their children, be safe by letting them come to your house to call the domestic violence shelter or offer to take them


  1. Help your friend learn from the experience.

    Instead of allowing them to wallow in self-pity or despair, offer them a fresh look at the

  • For example, if they have just experienced a breakup, let them know how you see things to give them your perspective to the problems that led to the breakup.


  • With a fresh perspective they may see a solution they may not have seen


Obviously, there are a myriad of things you can do to console a friend in need. The important thing is to be there for your friend and let them know they can turn to you.


Learn what you need to do to understand their circumstances, so you will know how best to help. Then reach out and touch them, and you will touch their heart as well.


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